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Our state of ART facility comprises patient consultancy offices, advanced laboratories and surgical theaters in a one convenient location. Our consultancy rooms are equipped with most advanced ultrasound machines . Clinical department offers complete range of fertility services including, Fertility workup, Laparoscopy (diagnostic & operative), Hysteroscopy (diagnostic & operative), Colposcopy, Cyst aspiration and Scrotal Doppler, etc. After each procedure patient will receive the instructions and guidance throughout the treatment by our infertility specialists. All our services are offered with care and passion in a confidential atmosphere. Our clinical team strives to make your visits as convenient and comfortable as possible.


Our Andrology lab offers advanced diagnostic testing services, including semen analysis, Sperm DNA fragmentation, Semen Banking, and IUI.


Our advanced embryology laboratory offers entire spectrum of IVF services, including IVF, ICSI, TESE ICSI, Spindle imaging, Embryo/blastocyst/oocyte vitrification. Our IVF lab is equipped with most advanced equipment to conduct research (see our publications) in various areas of reproductive medicine.