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Gamete and embryo donation

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What is gamete and embryo donation?

Assisted conception techniques allows some couples who could not have their own child to do so. This may be done using donated eggs, sperm or embryos.Donated eggs, if the woman is not producing eggs or at risk of passing on an inherited disease.Donor sperm, if the husband or male partner is not producing sperm or at risk of passing on an inherited disease. Donated embryos, when both partner is infertile but the woman is capable of carrying the baby to full term. Sperm, egg and embryo donation are complex, ethical and legal issues. Some couples find the use of gamete and embryo donation unacceptable on cultural, religious or personal grounds. These views must be respected. Some countries allow all forms of gametes and embryo donation. Others allow the use of donor sperm but forbid both egg and embryo donation. Furthermore, some countries forbid all forms of gametes and embryo donations. Psychological assessment by a qualified mental health professional is recommended for all gamete and embryo donation.There is some evidence that pregnancies resulting from donated eggs, sperm and embryos have better results. Top