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Costs of IVF - ICSI Treatment & Success Rate
The success rate of IVF treatment has steadily increased with time.

The success rate ranges from 20- 50%. Although a baby is priceless, you must be aware of the cost involved and you need to decide whether you can afford it.

Standard IVF package pricing (without ICSI)with all monitoring included $1000-2000

Standard IVF package pricing with ICSI with all monitoring included ($1500-2500 for ICSI)

Included services:

bullet Ovarian stimulation monitoring
bullet Anesthesia for egg retrieval
bullet Egg retrieval
bullet Fertilization and culture of the eggs
bullet Embryo transfer
bullet All physician, IVF lab, and facility fees associated with IVF

Excluded services:

bullet Prescreening tests
bullet Medications
bullet ICSI (might not be needed)
bullet Embryo or sperm cryopreservation (freezing)
bullet Sperm freezing and freezing of any extra embryos after the transfer are optional
bullet Storage of frozen sperm or embryos
bullet Pregnancy testing and pregnancy monitoring
bullet Consultations with the physician

Recommended testing to be done for all couples prior to starting IVF with us:

bullet Ovarian reserve testing:
bullet FSH and estradiol blood tests on day 2, 3 or 4 of the menstrual cycle
bullet Ultrasound (cost is $40) to evaluate the antral follicle counts and ovarian volumes
bullet Evaluation of the uterus - initial ultrasound evaluation is done at the same time as the antral follicle count (see above)

Semen analysis, if one has not been done recently


Infectious disease screening blood work for both partners

Further testing prior to IVF (recommended, but not required, except for couples wanting money back guarantees):

bullet Office hysteroscopy to thoroughly evaluate the cavity of the uterus
bullet Complete ultrasound evaluation of the uterus and its lining .